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The Creative Artist in the 21st Century

We are in a new reality. Former habits, mindsets, routines may not be valid. One thing that is a constant is being creative. How to share, distribute, and monetize, your creativity has evolved. As creative artists, we naturally think outside of the box, but the question today is; What is the box? If we are thinking outside of the wrong box we can easily be really far out of step with our creative trajectories. So, is it a complete reset? When our computers act up the first attempt at getting things back on track is to "reboot". Maybe we need to "reboot our minds"! There are limitless possibilities to tap into. Is the "hard drive of your mind" filled up with information that is outdated, or not up to 21st Century standards. It takes a certain amount of humility to be honest with ourselves about where we've been, where we are, and where we can go. I think it is a good thing to update our internal "hard drives" on a reoccurring basis. Do we need new skillsets? Maybe we can open up communication with each other, as we all have different experiences to draw from. Sometimes we have no idea about how our associates "see" things. Objectivity is so important. It must be hard for a lot of us to realize that the way we operated in the not so distant past has passed! Let us not be afraid to explore "The NOW", and we don't have to ever feel left out if we exist in the "NOW" knowing who we are. CREATE! what happens next is the fun part, it will keep you fresh if you are open to change and recognize we are always "works in progress"!

Peace, Space

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